The [lonely] berry [in gorgeous]

The [lonely] berry [in gorgeous]

13 juillet 2012

I am not dead yet. Many things happened in a year. But in the end, nothing changed, not really.

I had my degree this year. And I have no idea what my future looks like.
I didn't write anything interesting. I don't value anything I do.
(man this is depressing)

People leave; people come back. People matter; people don't.
I lost my grandfather this year. I don't know how to talk about it.

I wanted to fall in love, and I didn't. 
I still have a crush, from far away, sometimes.
(it won't go anywhere)

I am depressed and I need to acknowledge it medically.
(I don't think I will this year)

I had a job. I became a teacher for 6 months. 3 hours per week.
I liked the people and the colleagues.
I didn't like latin and my lack of competences.

I met men and women.
Different kinds.
Not enough.


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